Property investors

Property investors


Thanks to our many years of experience and our strong expertise in the property sector and the built environment, we understand properties, infrastructure and the opportunities they offer. As a partner, we offer an assurance of competence and capabilities in property investments.

We offer both Opportunities to invest in profitable properties as well as Property partnerships for ownership and development. There are attractive investment opportunities in housing, offices, retail, logistics and warehouses, care facilities and infrastructure, among others.

Strong expertise in project development

We engage in long-term cooperation with property owners and investors. With our strong expertise, we are the partner of choice for developing and upgrading properties of all sizes according to the needs of the users, end customers and markets. 

Opportunities to invest in profitable properties

YIT provides opportunities to invest in completed, profitable buildings and properties. The details of the investment opportunity and its contents are defined and agreed on a case-by-case basis. An example is a full-service model of a property with set yield levels, where YIT develops, rents out and constructs a property ready for investment.

Partnership properties for ownership and development

We offer opportunities for joint development of projects and joint long-term ownership. Project targets and plans are agreed on a case-by-case basis with the partner(s).

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