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Collaborative alliance models

YIT’s renewed strategy emphasises project development in growth centres and focuses increasingly on the involvement of partners. The collaborative alliance model matches very well to highly complex infrastructure construction projects.

In alliance contracting, the project parties work as part of a jointly created organization. The alliance contracting model allows project parties to achieve their mutual objectives, as both the risks and benefits are shared.

Case: Tampere tramline

The City of Tampere has selected Tralli, a consortium comprising of YIT, VR Track and Pöyry, to carry out the light rail project in Tampere, Finland. The project is to be carried out employing the alliance model, whereby the client, engineers and contractors work jointly in the execution. The cost estimate for the project is approximately EUR 250 million.

The development phase of the project will begin in July 2015. During the development phase, the plans for the project will be developed and the target cost level established. After the development phase, separate decisions will be made on the start of the implementation phase during which YIT and VR Track will be in charge of the construction.
If the implementation phase is started, the light rail system is to be completed in two parts, in 2019 and 2023.

In an alliance project, all parties have a vested interest in ensuring the success of the project and are fully committed to providing the project with its best infrastructure engineering expertise.

Case: Naantali CHP - Construction Site of the 2016

The multi-fuel power plant NA4 CHP under construction in Naantali has won the Construction Site of the Year 2016 competition. The win is truly significant, falling, as it does, on the first alliance of industrial construction. The alliance is made up of A-Insinöörit, AX-LVI Consulting Ltd., Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto Oy (TSE) and YIT Construction Ltd.

NA4 CHP’s high-standard project management created the framework for a site that has been exceptionally successful in terms of its schedule management, cost-effectiveness and quality. One of the factors contributing to the site’s success in the competition is safety, which has been at a high level from the get-go.