Covid-19 guidelines in English

Instructions in English

Fighting the coronavirus pandemic is the responsibility of all of us. Read the guidelines on YIT's sites below.

Fighting the coronavirus pandemic is the responsibility of all of us. We require that all our partners who deal with our construction sites read the instructions on this page carefully and ensure that they are known to all employees and suppliers working on YIT's construction sites. 
We monitor the compliance with the instructions. If we notice negligence in the following of the instructions, YIT, as the main contractor at the construction site, has the right and obligation to take measures and even remove a person or company from the construction site who disregards the instructions. In addition, we require that employees, as responsible professionals, also comply with the recommendations and regulations that apply outside the construction sites, e.g. wear masks. A person appearing in site clothing always represents the nearby site as well as the entire profession. 
We update the guidelines if necessary. We appreciate your cooperation. 

Note! Instructions only apply to YIT's construction sites in Finland​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

YIT requires all persons arriving from abroad to follow the instructions and recommendations of the Finnish Border Guard and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare concerning COVID-19. Entering construction sites is forbidden until the self-quarantine period has been carried out following the instructions of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

YIT Corona requirements at sites

You can download pdf-version of the poster below and watch "Stay safe" -video