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Partnership properties

Partnership properties

Thanks to our many years of experience and our strong expertise in the property sector and the built environment, we understand properties, infrastructure and the opportunities they offer. As a partner, we offer an assurance of competence and capabilities in property investments. 

We offer both Opportunities to invest in profitable properties as well as Property partnerships for ownership and development. There are attractive investment opportunities in housing, offices, retail, logistics and warehouses, care facilities and infrastructure, among others.

Partnership properties segment was established on January 1, 2018. The segment focuses on financing the initial phases of major development projects and on the ownership and subsequent realisation of the developed properties at the right moment. In accordance with its strategy, YIT aims to make a significant part of large and long-term investments with partners.

The object of the segment is to improve visibility on the reporting of partnership projects, improve the capability of executing large projects and to enable the creation of a project portfolio of stable cash flows. In the long run, YIT’s aim is to continue its practice of selling its holdings to final investors at the time it sees fit.