Functional business premises for different needs

Functional business premises for different needs

Among others, we construct and develop offices, business, production and logistics premises and public buildings. The sites we develop are close to good transport connections. Our solutions are flexible and always designed according to each customer’s individual needs.

In property development, we work as a partner to property owners and developers to increase property value. We develop a new operating concept for properties, carry out renovation and alterations and find users for new premises.

In addition to new construction, we carry out renovation projects. Urbanisation, the increasingly dense urban structure and the ageing of the existing building stock are constantly increasing the need for renovation. Our renovation services cover the renovation of apartments and business premises, alterations to the purpose of use, renovations in housing companies, area development in cities and infra repair projects.

Here you can find all our vacant business premises in Finland; office premises, retail premises and production and logistics premises. We build business premises also in the Baltic countries and in Slovakia.

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