Partnership properties

Creating significant property development projects

Sustainable urban environments and supporting services for investors, owners and tenants.

The Partnership properties segment focuses on project development, property ownership and related management, maintenance and service production operations primarily in our self-developed and partially or fully owned property projects. We implement large and long-term projects in cooperation with our investor partners, which increases our investment capacity. Our property investment projects are aimed at generating stable returns.

Focus of the business

We engage in long-term cooperation with property owners and property investors. Our strong expertise makes us the ideal partner to develop and refine projects of various sizes in accordance with the needs of property users, end customers and the market. The Offering and services unit established under the segment is tasked with expediting the development of concepts offered to our corporate customers and our customer-oriented offering. By investing in growth-stage proptech companies, we help introduce new innovative solutions to our customers’ needs.

We operate in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.